Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mumbai Marathon 2007

Luckily I did not miss the Mumbai Marathon 2007 even though I did not register this time. I was there at 6.45 a.m. just before the half marathon started. Walked along. Saw all the winners of half marathon and full marathon. Had a talk with three or four full marathoners, who stated walking after 35 or 36 kilometres. One of them was a primary school teacher from Punjab, Patiala district. One was Mr. Tendulkar from Goregaon, employee of Bank of India. One is from Army. All of them will complete the full marathon in four hours. Saw the ladies favourite L. Amman from Ethiopia in a tired and bewildered state.

The receiving area and procedure needs an improvement. It may be good to put the chip refund and certificate area by the side of cloak room area. Have a place for all the finishers to stretch and rest for sometime. Then they should be allowed to go to the cloakroom area and put on their dry clothes. Then if the certificate area and chip refund area are close to cloak room area, they can collect them in more comfort.

Procam needs to put in some effort to organize marathon running clinics and marathon gear shows to promote full marathon running in Mumbai and they should earmark some money from every marathon revenue for this purpose and also rope in sponsors fort this.

21st January 2007
Sunday 6.25 p.m.

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Moksh Juneja said...

These guys will never improve. Last year, it was the baggage and this year it is chip refund.

I learnt from my mistake last year, i did not even bother carrying any form baggage, not even wallet, i was carrying loose change this year.

But to get your timing certificate was really difficult.