Saturday, November 06, 2010

Knol Textbook on Industrial Engineering by Narayana Rao

Started the project of a textbook on Knol on Industrial engineering. It will take around two years to complete the book. Initially, existing articles are being assembled in collections. But these will be rewritten in the days to come and fresh articles will be added to assemble the textbook.

Introduction to Industrial Engineering - Online Textbook on Knol

Friday, November 05, 2010

Faculty members can write Textbooks on Knol

Knol is a wiki-based predominantly academic article writing platform promoted by Google. The platform has promoted writing textbooks on it. Textbooks can be written in various models on it. One model is to write it as one knol or one web page for each section of a chapter. That way a book can be written in around 300 pages and an automatic navigation is provided by the Knol collection feature.

There is convenience and reward for writing a textbook on Knol. The expected revenue earned can be same as print publication as there is global audience on Knol.

See the article on Knol for more details