Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mobile Slums - Mumbai Local Trains

I made an entry with this title in mumbai local train orkut community.

All subsidies have to be removed in Mumbai for decongesting it.

Subsidies and incentives may be given in other cities to promote their development.

Even central and state governments should increase city compensatory allowance for their employees properly. The government knows the expense it incurs by keeping government employees in Mumbai. It will make efforts to shift people to other cities.

No subsidized kerosene in Mumbai.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Marketing Management Article Directory in Knol

I have created marketing article series to facilitate revision of knowledge by MBAs and management professionals in the basic subject of marketing management. The main text which was used for developing the articles is Marketing Management by Philip Kotler.

The page id is

Learning for IIT JEE 2010

I started a new blog

The blog will give a daily schedule of sections to be studied in chapter and examples and problems that are to be done for chemistry, mathematics and physics. The idea is to come out with a six month schedule during which all the problems and questions are attempted along with the lessons and examples within the lessons.

Then the aspirants can develop their own plan for revising and practicing so that they can recollect the material comfortably.