Monday, October 27, 2014

Thought by Nrao 28 October 2014 - 10 million Combined and Cumulative Page Views for All the Blogs

I realized just now that this blog is mentioned in my brief profile. This blog is the first one started by me and I scribbled only randomly some topics. The reason was that I did not start the blog to actually blog. I wanted to make a comment on a blog post related to marathon running and I got a message saying that I should open an account. When I opened the account it asked for my blog name and I gave the blog name and set up the blog and scribbled a few on the day.

But this experience of opening and writing on a blog came handy when I thought of writing blogs and Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics with a focus on IIT JEE. In a month of writing small amounts of content based on my reading of a physics books, I found some people were reading the blog. That gave me interest to keep writing and I wrote these blogs for two years and did accumulate good amount content and got good readership. In the meantime, I thought why I am writing for IIT entrance level material. I should write for the subjects that I am teaching. Thus started blogs on various subjects of management. Then Google Knol was started. I stopped writing in blogs and started writing on Knol. It was interesting to write on a new platform started by Google and there were many who were interacting freely from various countries. For the articles on Google Knol there were readers from all over the world. My first article on Google Knol was on industrial engineering. I wrote many articles on marketing management based on Kotler's book. Some of these articles became Google's search favourites. I emerged as a top author on Google Knol. Google Knol was closed subsequently and I shifted my knols to blogs. Now three popular blogs of mine are Management Theory Review, India Information and Industrial Engineering.

Industrial engineering blog is mentioned in some of the university websites, black boards and chat rooms. I try to keep these blogs updated as best as I can. I have around 6 million cumulative page views at the moment for all my blogs put together. I have a goal of 10 million page views or one crore page views. That would give me satisfaction that I was of some use to certain persons in the world when they wanted help.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Million Page Blog Portfolio

The blogs maintained by me in this account are slowly reaching the cumulative million page view target based on Google's count of page views

Chemistry - Main IIT JEE - 252,837  - 17 June 2014
Physics                                163,290
Mathematics                     - 110,881
IIT Chemsistry Model Questions -     79,274
IIT Mathematics - Model Problems - 52,343
Chemistry Practice Sets                   - 26,934
Answers to Chem Practice Sets       - 10,768
IIT JEE Physics Practice sets -            10,367
IIt JEE Maths Practice sets    -               7,221

Learning for IIT JEE 2010 -                 14,121
Videos for IIT JEE Chemistry                 7,315

NITIE Alumni                                       15,197
NITIE PGDIM Alumni                           5,611

Education News                                    13,348