Monday, October 27, 2014

Thought by Nrao 28 October 2014 - 10 million Combined and Cumulative Page Views for All the Blogs

I realized just now that this blog is mentioned in my brief profile. This blog is the first one started by me and I scribbled only randomly some topics. The reason was that I did not start the blog to actually blog. I wanted to make a comment on a blog post related to marathon running and I got a message saying that I should open an account. When I opened the account it asked for my blog name and I gave the blog name and set up the blog and scribbled a few on the day.

But this experience of opening and writing on a blog came handy when I thought of writing blogs and Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics with a focus on IIT JEE. In a month of writing small amounts of content based on my reading of a physics books, I found some people were reading the blog. That gave me interest to keep writing and I wrote these blogs for two years and did accumulate good amount content and got good readership. In the meantime, I thought why I am writing for IIT entrance level material. I should write for the subjects that I am teaching. Thus started blogs on various subjects of management. Then Google Knol was started. I stopped writing in blogs and started writing on Knol. It was interesting to write on a new platform started by Google and there were many who were interacting freely from various countries. For the articles on Google Knol there were readers from all over the world. My first article on Google Knol was on industrial engineering. I wrote many articles on marketing management based on Kotler's book. Some of these articles became Google's search favourites. I emerged as a top author on Google Knol. Google Knol was closed subsequently and I shifted my knols to blogs. Now three popular blogs of mine are Management Theory Review, India Information and Industrial Engineering.

Industrial engineering blog is mentioned in some of the university websites, black boards and chat rooms. I try to keep these blogs updated as best as I can. I have around 6 million cumulative page views at the moment for all my blogs put together. I have a goal of 10 million page views or one crore page views. That would give me satisfaction that I was of some use to certain persons in the world when they wanted help.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Million Page Blog Portfolio

The blogs maintained by me in this account are slowly reaching the cumulative million page view target based on Google's count of page views

Chemistry - Main IIT JEE - 252,837  - 17 June 2014
Physics                                163,290
Mathematics                     - 110,881
IIT Chemsistry Model Questions -     79,274
IIT Mathematics - Model Problems - 52,343
Chemistry Practice Sets                   - 26,934
Answers to Chem Practice Sets       - 10,768
IIT JEE Physics Practice sets -            10,367
IIt JEE Maths Practice sets    -               7,221

Learning for IIT JEE 2010 -                 14,121
Videos for IIT JEE Chemistry                 7,315

NITIE Alumni                                       15,197
NITIE PGDIM Alumni                           5,611

Education News                                    13,348

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Greetings 2013

Happy Happy New Year
best wishes reach your ear
spread the cheer to your dear
make their life merrier

In the New Year:

Hope for the best
try with the jest
face every test
leave to God the rest

Greet every one
meet every one
treat every one
tweet every one

With Best Wishes for a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year

Telugu Films Blog Completely Updated

Greetings for the New Year

I updated Telugu Films blogs  completely removing all videos which may not have copy rights for hosting the video on YouTube.

I also started a Telugu Films History Project.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Pursuit of Excellence and Success

Pursuit of Excellence and Success

Pursuit of Excellence and Success

Context: IIT JEE Examination, India

Thoughts of Well Known Persons

Michael Jordan

Basketball player and author of "I can't Accept Not Trying" (Harper San Francisco).

I have the goal of being the best, But I approach everything step by step by using short-term goals.
Comment: If your goal is clearing IIT JEE, plan the study for the next week and achieve it first. Plan for each succeeding week and achieve the goal for the week.
If you're trying to achieve, there will be road blocks. But obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.
Comment: If you don't understand some portion of the lesson, try various alternatives to accomplish your learning. Ask your teacher, read the material many times over, ask your friends, search the internet, ask a question in orkut communities, or keep it aside for few days to reopen the lesson once again.

Bonnie St. John Deane

Winner in Disabled Olympics, Harvard and Oxford Degree holder, White House Official on National Economic Council
Who or what motivates you?
Her answer: "I motivate me."
Her method: Five step exercise.
Five steps
1.What are your payoffs? List down the benefits or rewards from achieving or completing the task.
2. Find deeper meaning in your goals. Find compelling reasons for completing your goal.
3. Get your dreams at half price. Find more goals which can be reached with the work that you are putting in for reaching this goal. Work with a friend. Develop a plan to achieve the goal efficiently with less cost.
4. Stop underestimating your odds for success: Underestimating your odds to succeed can stop you dead in your tracks. Believe in your success till the end of the task.
Err on the side of optimism. Spend less time with people who discourage you on the task or goal. But don't just believe in positive thinking. Investigate the odds, have a real confidence that they are within your teach and always work on improving the odds.
5. Change your real odds or winning or improving odds: Learn from people who have succeeded in reaching the goal before.
Measure your motivation by a motivation meter system and improve your motivation.
Motivation will be more if payoffs are bigger, odds of success are high, and effort involved is less. To accomplish this repeat the five step exercise.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I studied Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics to help my child in her studies. In that process I created number of blogs in these subjects to record my reading in the form of revision points, formula revision sheets, links to good web pages, practice problems and questions, answers, model questions and past JEE questions and problems. I would like to improve these materials and make them accessible through knol platform to help many students to deepen their knowledge in these subjects.
Main IIT JEE Blogs
This blog contains a daily plan for study of new material everyday for preparing for JEE 2010.
This blog contains a daily plan for study of new material and solving all the problems and questions in the text book by 31st December of each year.

While this Knol account mainly focused on IIT JEE related materials, now I have to utilize this account to transfer knols from another account to redirect them. The my knols is not showing all the knols posted and authors have to use work arounds to transfer their knols.

Knols on Management and Industrial Engineering

Redirected Knols


Original Knol -

Many Meeting Do Kill Productivity. What to do?

Read this interesting piece explaining the problem as well as some remedies.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Felicitated for Digital Content Creation in Management

Felicitated by Higher Education Forum (HEF) for digital content creation
in their annual convention on 17 March 2012