Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not Able to Access Knol for Reading or Posting

Right from the morning 6.30 am (IST) on 21.2.2010 to till now 1.25 pm (IST - Ind. Std. Time) I am not able to access knol.

Wanted to post a new knol on productivity Improvement Principles

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Operations Research - System Efficiency Tools

Operations Research - An Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

Operations research is a system efficiency improvement tool in the hands of industrial engineers. I expanded this thought into an article on google knol platform

Knol Handbook of Industrial Engineering (Year 2010 Version)

A knol is developed as a handbook of industrial engineering. It is developed on the lines of an engineering management handbook assembled on ASEM website. I my self prepared 50 articles on Industrial Engineering. I am also assembling various web pages and articles that complement the articles that I prepared. Thus the handbook contains my online articles as well as online articles by others.