Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another thing to feel good about

Internet free sites and blogs allows us to express ourselves. They are also providing a way to find the reaction of others. My article on value investing in Business Standard was included in their blogs by two bloggers and today I found that my article on marathon running by CEOs was quoted by a blogger (the blog is given below). These things provide the push to start the search again for a suitable topic to continue writing.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Why I run? And why should you?

Why should you? – Indeed, I should not ask this question. However, I will enlighten why you may regard this question.Foremost point certainly is that you will have a mission toward your fitness regime. And here are some more points you should deem to.
1. When you train or run for marathon you don’t run for only yourself. There are ways to contribute to the society.
2. There is an indirect and immense benefit that you gain i.e Physical fitness.
3. If you set your mission as finishing marathon and when you accomplish this – You will have a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. I don’t have to explicate this one. (As I am yet to get there!!)

Recently, I have read one article on Marathon running – A hobby to global CEO’s. In this article the author emphasizes very much on running a company is identical to running Marathon.In fact this is the article really blazed me up to take up this mission.

My sincere thanks to Dr.KVSS Narayana Rao – Author of this article. Courtesy: Global CEO special issue, ICFAI university press.He dictates that the business success can be learnt, honed and demonstrated by training for and running Marathons.

As opposed to the aforesaid points, when you go to gym, it seldom gives any kind of gratification to your life, but it possibly will give you physical fitness, only after paying your gym fees.So, why do you wait…? Just Run! Run!! And run!!!

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