Sunday, April 22, 2012


I studied Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics to help my child in her studies. In that process I created number of blogs in these subjects to record my reading in the form of revision points, formula revision sheets, links to good web pages, practice problems and questions, answers, model questions and past JEE questions and problems. I would like to improve these materials and make them accessible through knol platform to help many students to deepen their knowledge in these subjects.
Main IIT JEE Blogs
This blog contains a daily plan for study of new material everyday for preparing for JEE 2010.
This blog contains a daily plan for study of new material and solving all the problems and questions in the text book by 31st December of each year.

While this Knol account mainly focused on IIT JEE related materials, now I have to utilize this account to transfer knols from another account to redirect them. The my knols is not showing all the knols posted and authors have to use work arounds to transfer their knols.

Knols on Management and Industrial Engineering

Redirected Knols


Original Knol -

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