Saturday, September 24, 2011

Author Platform

Author platform is the foundation using which you are going to do mass marketing of your book for publication.

Earlier this platform was developed by publisher's publicity department. Now in the online age, authors themselves have to take up that task.

Author platform can be developed in multiple ways.

Famous in a profession, occupation or as artist.
Famous as a speaker
Existing business contacts and fame
Popular blog or website
Big email list of contacts developed through some online activity
Famous as a podcaster
Thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ - Social network followers
Existing successful published books
Successful book promotion experience through Web 2.0 options

How do you build the author platform? You have to build it brick by brick and in digital media click by click. Start participating in online activity as early as possible and build your author platform.

Today I have 150,000 page views to my online articles and blog posts.

When in 2005 I had made my first blog post, I started from scratch. The platform was built over a period of six years and my online page views are equivalent to a successful book today. I shall share my experience in some posts in the future.


Sajid Ali Khan said...

Dear Sir:
We at the Knol Author Foundation are honored by your insightful leadership and mentoring of hundreds of knolers.
Thanks for your selfless work.
Sajid Khan
212 421 4848

KVSSNRao said...

Dear Sajidji

Thank you very much for your may be undeserved compliment. There is great passion in you, Randy, PG, KS and many more. It is what is taking our activity forward.