Sunday, July 10, 2011

You can Reshare Popular Knols through Your blogs -

This is the thought of the day.

Captured the idea in a blog post, some knols and some blogs. Excellent material is there on Knol and blog writers can use it to increase content in their knols. Educational institutes can host it on their websites. They have to comply with license. But it is easy. Specify the source clearly and allow access to the material without charging any fee.

My blog post on it on About Knol Blog.

You can use guest bloggers. You can also use reshared online content and expand your blog and provide more to read for your community of readers. There is excellent material on Google Knol.

Knol has the provision for resharing of knols on blogs and websites. There are many knols that specified creative commons license and all these knols can be reshared by interested bloggers and web masters.

I am developing a knol collection for facilitating such resharing.

Knols with Resharing Option - A Knol Collection

Visit the knol collection and click on the search link provided to see very popular knols with 10,000 page views and more available for sharing on your blogs. Share them on your blogs specifying the license and increase content on your blog.

Started a blog to reshare knols.

Google Knols Reshared


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