Monday, April 20, 2009

IIT JEE 2011 Study Plan

Based on the experience I had with my child, I think it is important to have a study plan right from the day one of the preparation. That will give you an idea of the work involved in learning for a slot in the top 5000 students of India at this point in time. It is good that more and more persons are trying to prove their capability in this examination. Even if someone does not get a rank in this examination, his determination and effort to succeed will stay with him throughout his life and some of the persons may gain in ranking subsequently even though they may not get the rank now.

Life give more chances to prove your worth, and therefore even if you do not succeed at one chance, you need not give up. You can try for another chance.

I prepared study plans for two years 2009-10 (XI portion) and 2010-11(XII portion) and published them in a blog IIT JEE 2011. The physics plan of the 2009-10 can be accessed from


Rohit Tripathi said...

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