Saturday, February 02, 2008


I visited and it seems to have interesting information for bloggers.

I found the post on earning from sites interesting. The sources of revenue for the publisher of the site are given as

1. Chitika

They offer a variety of ad units and income streams - eMiniMalls, Related Product Units and Shoplincs.

Problogger has plenty of Chitika Optimization tips.

2. AdSense

The most popular form of advertising on blogs is AdSense (according to a few studies that I’ve seen). For tips on optimizing AdSense on your blog check out 8 part series -

3. Text Link Ads

While they have a ceiling in what they earn per site they are another good solid earner for me - particularly now that they’ve added feedvertising (RSS ads) which out performs any other type of RSS ad that I’ve tried. I’m hearing from many bloggers that TLA is their biggest earner now. It works best on sites that have been around for a while - you don’t need big traffic to be accepted - but having a page rank and some search engine presence helps.

4. Amazon Associates
The forth Quarter of each year tends to be a good one for me when it comes to commissions from Amazon. The last quarter is a time that people are in a buying mood in the lead up to Christmas - can bring great conversions. The key is picking relevant products to promote. Read more tips on affiliate programs for blogs for a few other tips on optimizing Amazon on

5. BlogAds

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