Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bahujan Samaj to Sarvajan Samaj

I felt happy when I first came to know that BSP won majority in UP. The movement of Dalits started may be 100 or 150 years ago has given fruitful results. It is not gift of any political leader, but the intelligence and hardwork they put in that gave the election victory to BSP. In a very short time, Mayawati developed an inclusive agenda and a party that has persons from all sections of the society. Still, everybody agrees that Dalit agenda is the main agenda of BSP. BJP should learn from Mayawati, how to develop an inclusive agenda, and include the aspirations of muslims and christians in their agenda, while emphasizing the issues that they are championing today. The attempt by L.K.Advani in Pakistan to give securalist certificate to Jinnah backfired because it was done in a haste without taking into consideration the feelings of his partymen. Jinnah was responsible for partition and the resulting bloodshed and misery, and any reconciliation about his role needs to be done in a very careful manner. But BJP should also move towards an inclusive political agenda. Such a move will create some unifying agenda in the present state of deep division among religious groups and caste groups in India.

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