Friday, October 13, 2006

Productivity in Agriculture

Today (13th October 2006), Lakshya 2006, was inaugurated at NITIE, Mumbai. Shri Jayant Patil, Finance Minister of Maharashtra, was the chief guest. He mentioned his experience with high speed trains in Germany and wished that in India also such facilities will be installed. He is a right person to talk of infrastructure development as he is basically a civil engineer with a successful record in the area of finance. He can finance the ventures and then guide them in operational issues.

Shri Y.C. Deveshwar, Shri Keshub Mahindra and Shri Azim Premji were felicitated as Business Visionaries. Shri Y.C. Deveshwar brought to the fore the issue of productivity in agriculture and pointed out that NITIE, the institute who area of focus is improving productivity has to play its expected role. I hope his call will energise some of the students and faculty members to focus on this area. The institute can take up study of agricultural activities as a one week project for all the students of IE course, may be before they start the summer project.

I take this opportunity to publish the definition suggested by me for industrial engineering once again in my blog as it specifically mentions agriculture.

Industrial Engineering is Human Effort Engineering. It is an engineering discipline that deals with the design of human effort in all occupations: agricultural, manufacturing and service. The objectives of Industrial Engineering are optimization of productivity of work-systems and occupational comfort, health, safety and income of persons involved.”

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